The Films Of Harrison Ford por Michael Lewis, Lee Pfeiffer

January 25, 2020

The Films Of Harrison Ford por Michael         Lewis, Lee Pfeiffer
Titulo del libro : The Films Of Harrison Ford
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 1, 2002
Autor : Michael Lewis, Lee Pfeiffer
Número de páginas : 259
ISBN : 0806523646
Editor : Citadel

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Michael Lewis, Lee Pfeiffer con The Films Of Harrison Ford

Han Solo ... Jack Ryan ... Indiana Jones ... President of the United States ... Harrison Ford has played celluloid's greatest heroes, en route to becoming the biggest box office draw in history. The Films of Harrison Ford celebrates Ford's career, from his early work, when he toiled in obscurity for a dozen years, to his famous roles in such films as American Graffiti, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Clear and Present Danger, The Fugitive, and Air Force One.This pictorial celebration provides a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at and analysis of every Ford film and includes hundreds of photographs, many of them rare and never before published. The book was written with Ford's approval, and therefore is an official chronicle of his life and career.